MöRBID VOMIT - 01 The Seed of Human Scum.mp3


Mörbid Vomit took Finnish death metal scene by the balls when they released their first demo, simply titled as “Demo 2012”, three years ago. The follow-up (“I Breathe Hell”) a year later proved their point: this name was not to be forgotten and by no means their first success was a happy accident. Finally, on October 23rd 2015, it's time to conquer the world with their debut album “Doctrine of Violence”. Founded in 2012 in the city of Lahti, also known as the Chicago of Finland, set the guys of Mörbid Vomit on a path that would help them create dark and sinister death metal. Who knows what horrors had possessed these guys or what morbid dreams entered their sleep as they soon showed talent to forge brutal yet somewhat catchy death metal. It hardly took time for them to create their first four-song demo which was killer material right from the beginning. It was as if these guys knew exactly what had to be done to take over - and reign over - the Finnish death metal scene. Quickly noticed by the Finnish press (4,5 out of 5 in Imperiumi.net, 9 out of 10 in KaaosZine), these guys didn't have time to rest on their laurels. Instead they aimed for another self- financed release “I Breathe Hell”, which consisted of another four songs of violent and relentless death metal. This grotesque beauty came dropped in 2013 and, again, proved victorious with the Finnish press (again 4,5 out of 5 in Imperiumi.net and 9 out of 10 in KaaosZine). By now it was clear that Mörbid Vomit didn't hit the sweet spot by accident. Thus came the time to raise the bar: aim for the head and make the kind of name for the band it deserves. “Doctrine of Violence” is a ten-song masterpiece of pure, unforgiving and brutal-as-hell death metal. “Doctrine of Violence” doesn't need to lean on speed, easy-going melodies or settle for compromises of any sort or manner. “Doctrine of Violence” is a tour de force of death metal that bows to its ancestors yet offers the listener the feeling of a fresh and bloody corpse. It's like a perverted sort of Frankenstein's monster that holds true to the old-school death metal form, but ups the ante with some parts of modern era twists and turns. Perfected with a great production and monstrous, growling vocal work, “Doctrine of Violence” is the death metal album from Finland everyone wants to hear.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Return To The Crypts CD
2015 Doctrine of Violence CD
2013 I Breathe Hell EP
2012 Demo 2012 DEMO


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