MORBID CREATION - Undead Division.mp3


Morbid Creation was formed in the begining of 2015 when its Adelsberg members finally met the drummer and the bassist. Influenced mainly by the Swedish death metal scene, band plays old school death metal with cliché lyrics and riffs so simple, that even their bass player has no problem performing them. Since then, they have had a few gigs, released a demo/rehearsal tape on a cassette and are planning on recording a ful length album, but that is for now just a wet dream, since the members are quite busy, with singer working in a cave, drummer being a farmer and the lead guitarists studying physics. Band consists of 5 members and suprisingly has no accordion or keyboard, although they did get a Swiss yodeler to perform an intro for them at the Metaldays warmup party.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Demo 2015 MC (TAPE)


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