MERCY KILLING - Euthanasia


Formed in May 1988, Mercy Killing was located in Salvador (BA) and moved to Curitiba (PR). In 1989 he started playing live in Bahia, with known bands such as The Mist, Dorsal Atlântica, Zona Abissal, Headhunter DC, Malefactor, Drearylands, Mystifier and many others. The main influences since the formation was the bands: Assassin, Kreator, Dark Angel, English Dogs, SOD, Ratos de Porão, Slayer, Anti Cimex, Olho Seco, Lobotomia and Exodus. With a solid base on Thrash Metal and 80's Hardcore, he always search for a more crude and violent sound. In these 31 years, the band has built own sound, with songs fast and transmiting critical messages that demonstrate hate, revolt and fury about political themes, social inequality and history lies. In 93 the first demo was released, titled Toxic Death, in 95 was released the demo Living in My Madness, that had a run of 500 cassette tapes copies DIY, sold out in less than 6 months. After a few more demos, in 2013 he released The Thrasher! and, finally, in 2015 the full lenght, Euthanasia. Euthanasia is the first Mercy Killing album, a independent release in CD and LP. It can be reached directly from the band or in online streaming service such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Apple Music and Weezer. It is also available digitally and physical at Bandcamp. The album, which was produced by Mercy Killing and Maiko Thomé and supported by fans in a crowdfunding campaign, has 16 super violent tracks. The band is composing the second album, but recorded some tracks to release a single, a rehearsal tape and a live EP.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Euthanasia LP
2013 The Thrasher DEMO, MC (TAPE)
1996 Under the Acid Rain
1995 Living in mt Madness
1992 Toxic Death
1991 Tales DEMO


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