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The band formed in 11 September 2001, with the first concert played in 2003. Over the last decade we played a lot of concerts and shown on some festivals in Poland. current line up: Rado.Slav – Guitar Vulture – Guitar Bysiek – Bass guitar Kriss – Vocals Hiero - Drums In 2003 we recorded and released our first live show “Live in Kotlownia”. Later, in 2005 we recorded our first demo, which contained three tracks. In 2006 Metal Centre and MZP Production released our cover “R**K The Vote” in the CD GODS OF GUTS TRIBUTE TO CARCASS. 2007 came with our first longplay album called “The Future Of Immortality” (never officially released). In 2011, to celebrate our 10th anniversary we released EP album “Resurrection”, which relates to few of our old songs. Between 2012/2013 band released album "Passion" with 10 tracks. This album was a turning point for the band, pick up a lot good reviews and opinions in music sites, music newspapers and incredible feedback from the fans. The band make 2 videoclips for this album. One of them for "Infinite Anguish" song and second for "Unity" (The world premiere of this videoclip was on the Blank_Tv Youtube channel who have already more than 500 000 subscribers). Also in 2013 the band won II place in Poland Nationwide Rock music contest at "Rockoleka" festival in Otroleka (Poland). In November 2014 the band entered to Monroe Sound Studio in Stargard Szczecinski (PL) to record third full-length album in career, entitled "Ecstasy". The producer of album was polish sound engineer Arkadiusz "Aro" Jablonski (Shadows Land, Masachist). Ecstasy was released worldwide 11.09.2015 by Satanath Records. Interesting thing about recording session is that the guest solo in track "Sunset Over the Vatican" recorded very known in Poland Jacek Grecki from Lost Soul. In autumn band played a Ecstasy promo tour in Poland with Empatic, and first time will go to Spain and Austria. On Youtube is available official Lyric Video of this video (have already more than 100 000 views). Track Lifetime from Ecstasy album was released with 263# of Terrorizer magazine. For this track also was made an official videoclip. In November 2015 band was selected to the finals of Bilborock Festival in Bilbao and won II place on metal category. In November 2016 Manipulation are going to European Tour.


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