MALäD Ukraine

MALäD - untitled


noise/grind duo since 2010 from Kyiv, Ukraine. antonio - drums valentino - bass\vox


Release date Release name Media
2014 demo 2014 DEMO, MC (TAPE)
2014 split with Creation VI
2014 split with Chappa'ai MC (TAPE)
2013 my life is winter hell ep ‎ CD, EP
2013 split with Snuff Tapes MC (TAPE)
2013 live in Evergreen MC (TAPE)
2013 split with Shitnoise Bastards MC (TAPE)
2012 split with Gorgonized Dorks / Amnogomusikimalo MC (TAPE)
2012 eat pussy​,​not animals ‎ EP, MC (TAPE)


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