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MACABRE DEMISE (GER) Macabre Demise was founded in 2007, initially as a project. After the first demo and the split CD, the idea of ​​the first live appearance came in 2010. Just like the role models Putrid Pile and Viral Load, as a Man Death Grind slaughter. To this day, the stage is nicely dismantled, also at home and abroad with a nice program for the whole family. After two LP's, two EPs and a promo in the luggage, they are currently working hard on the third studio album, which will also be released on RTM Productions.


Release date Release name Media
2018 11 DEMO
2017 Dead Eyes Stench of Death (Compilation) CD
2017 Apocalypse CD
2015 Homicidal Parasites CD
2014 Walk this Death DOWNLOAD
2011 Stench of Death CD
2010 Illuminatetree CD
2009 Dead Eyes DEMO


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