LOS DóLARES Venezuela

LOS DóLARES - 06 Cavando Nuestras Tumbas.mp3


LOS DÓLARES is a band from Caracas, Venezuela. Formed in the year 1999 its name comes strongly from the criticism to the ominous influence of F.M.I and the World Bank on the misery in our Latin America. In their first albums you can see an anarcho-punk but then evolved until today they are hxc/crust punk. Their lyrics are loaded with a very strong social criticism, in addition to that Los Dólares have circulated since their beginnings in the lower scene of concerts in squats and anarchist movements, their musical influences are of the well-known @patia-no and Doña Maldad (legends of the anarchist musical movement of Venezuela). Los Dólares have always appealed to the call of self-management, to "do it yourself", this is reflected in their records that are made and edited in their beginnings by them and through time by stamps or distros that have an ideological affinity with them.


Release date Release name Media
2010 Los Dolares/Zuschanden split EP
2008 Los Dolares/Wartorn split EP
2007 Nunca El Olvido EP
2006 @patia No/Los Dolares split EP
2005 Las Venas Abiertas De America Latina LP
2005 Los Dolares/Dislexia split - Lazos De Amistad Y Resistencia EP
2003 Doña Maldad/Los Dólares split No Hay Camino Hacia La Autogestion, La Autogestion Es El Camino EP
2003 Los Dólares/Sin Apoyo split Contra Esta Guerra Y Contra Esta Paz EP
2002 La Comodidad De Ser Esclavos Nos Condena A Vivir En La Eterna Pasividad EP


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