LIFE CRIME - 02 Life Crime - Human Contact .mp3


LIFE CRIME is a DIY hardcore/punk/grind band that formed in Graz in 2010. Hailing from Graz, Austria, Life Crime was formed in Summer 2010 through a mutual love for old hardcore punk music a la Black Flag and Poison Idea, grindcore and blast beats. This band functions like a catharsis for each member because it gives the opportunity to let out all pent up aggression through the performance. The lyrics deal with everyday problems just as much as with personal experiences and political topics. Music and lyrics combined result in a harsh soundtrack for any train wreck. Since its inception Life Crime shared the stage with lots of bands from all over the world including Napalm Death, The Accused, Now You´re Fucked, Poison Idea and Onanizer. In 2014 the band released their debut album "Ordinary Madness Excess" via Unundeux Records.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Ordinary Madness Excess CD


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