LAMORTA Netherland

LAMORTA - LaMorta - Blood vengeance ( 2019).mp3


LaMorta started of in 2015, with four musicians mutual love for heavy grooving Death-Metal in style of: Obituary, Hail of Bullets, Entombed AD. Their style seems familiar but still differs from others. Making use of different styles in heavy grooving Music. Their journey began to take shape when hitting the stage with bands like: Horrified (UK), Apocalipsis (MEX), Human Vivisection (BEL), Corpostasis (BUL), Rotten Casket (NL) and Carach Agren (NL). Now in 2018 the next step is getting their, right in your face, metal out to the masses. Recording their first Full Length.... In 2018, Danny Maas joined LaMorta and the band reached it`s ultimate form. Stronger than ever they are writing dark and powerful songs and are preparing to hit the stages again.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Crippled by war EP
2017 Crippled by war EP


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