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K.T.C.M. is an American Death Thrash band from Houston, TX and formed in 2007. Since that time K.T.C.M. has released 4 albums, Street Terror (EP) (2010), K.T.C.M. (EP) (2012), Mongolian Deathworm (EP) (2013), and Cleansing the Blood of the Hertic (Full-Length) 2016. K.T.C.M. has also shared the stage with such acts as D.R.I., Revolution Mother, Havok, and Dead Horse. K.T.C.M. still continues to brutalize and destroy many shows that they play, and rip faces off. The Line up of the band is Vocalist and Drummer: Napalm Jake, Guitarist: Jason Laird, Bass: Colin Parmer.


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