KRAMPÜS - Humanophobic


Krampüs was founded in August, 2009, in Veszprém with three members. Our first Demo – Perverted and Sadistic – was made in December. It contains 8 songs of pure grind-death mental destruction ranging from about 1,5 – 2 minutes. The reviews of the record were really nice, which gave us more power to go on. We had to look for a new drummer after that, so the line-up at that time was like this: Bálint Takács (from Sutcliffe band) – bassist rattle machine, Norbert Kiss (Carcharias) – drums and Tamás Kovács (Lunatic Asylum, Parasite Crowd, Corpus Albicans, Celebrant, Sutcliffe). Our gigs so far have shown us, that Krampüs is able to plant total and devastating madness into the heads of the audience. We recorded our first CD – Mental Holocaust - with the aid of Zoli Varga at SuperSize Recordings in Törökbálint, and it has been released in 2012 thanks to the Hungarian Terranis Productions and to Sevared Records from the US. The reviews of this record were positive again. We recorded our second CD – Graveyard Blowjob – in 2014 in SuperSize and with Zoli Varga again. A month after finishing the record Bálint left the band, but fortunately we could replace him with new guys really fast. Szabolcs Hernyák (ex-Gutted) stepped up as bassist and Norbert Molnár (Humugur) took vocals. Graveyard Blowjob was again published by Terranis and Sevared on 16. July 2014. Right now we’re working on our third album.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Graveyard Blowjob CD
2012 Mental Holocaust CD
2009 Perverted and Sadistic DEMO, DOWNLOAD


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