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Kharma began on august 2007 in Mérida, Venezuela as a project consisting of Eduardo Quintero on guitars, Wadith Anuel ((Blaspherium (1996) (R.I.P.), Blackstone (2001))) on vocals and Jose Luis Duque (Ritual (2000)(R.I.P.), The Fractal Compose (2010)(R.I.P.), Perfect Asymmetry) on bass-guttural support, and Gustavo Monsalve on drums, having Death Metal music as a main influence, and strong tendency to 'Grind' their compositions. January and February 2008 saw the development of a powerful repertoire. Later that year, that material became the first demo "Ciclo de Violencia Inefable", and on its release the band embarked on a series of shows throughout Venezuelan territory lasting through the next year, becoming known as the first Grindcore band to ever come from Venezuela's andean region. A period of stagnation and line up changes stroke the band between 2010 and 2012, leaving Wadith and Eduardo as the sole remaining members. At the end of 2012, they achieved the recruitment of Julian Ovalle (The Fractal Compose (2010)(R.I.P.), Perfect Asymmetry) to handle all drumming and vocal support duties. On this stage, Kharma's sound shifted radically towards Grindcore, keeping Death Metal as a native addtion to the mix. The current socio-political, anti-war, hipocrisy and corruption critical nature of the lyrics was also reinforced on this period. New material written by this line up, as well as some old songs that did not enter the first demo, where recorded with session bass and became the band's second album: "Punto Ciego"(EP) on 2013. The end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 saw the band writing fresh material and revamping it's whole catalog. After the return of Jose Luis as bassist and the recruitment of Wilson Duran as a second guitar player, Kharma entered the studio to record their third and most ambitious effort: "SubReal" (EP). which has marked the definition of the bands characteristic Grind/Death sound, and after it's release on Feb. 6 2015 has laid the foundation of the Grindcore movement in the Venezuelan Andes after seven years of pioneering efforts. The current stage in Kharma's development sees the band exercising live violence through the expression of their art, and reaching out globally with a statement of awareness on the extreme violence present on Venezuelan and global reality at many levels.


Release date Release name Media
2015 SubReal EP
2013 Punto Ciego EP
2008 Ciclo de Violencia Inefable DEMO


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