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Founded between 2015 and 2016 by the brothers Graziano Ciccarelli (drums) and Salvatore Andrea (bass) after a few months they consolidated the line-up and immediately produced several demos, EPs and splits such as: "Three Marks Of Dreams" (B-SIDE MUSIC ), Chthonic Dreams (Split with Bormanus and Troy) and Sowing Storms (Volcano Records). At the beginning of their artistic career, the band proposed thier own alternative metal style, after the joining of Andrea Di Martino (lead guitar) and Ciro Silvano (as new frontman) the band moves towards shores of a Modern Death Metal which combines influences of Melodic Death Metal , Symphonic Death Metal and deathcore/metalcore influences. In January 2019 they were involved in the recording session of their first album: "Don't Close Your Eyes" in Crema, Northern Italy at the Sonitus Studio. Their album will be mixed, mastered and produced by Tommaso Monticelli (Genus Ordinis Dei). "Don't Close Your Eyes" was self-released in October 2019 and garnered many positive responses from both fans and insiders of the music industry to the point that it was included, a few months after its release, as Best Death Metal Album. of 2019 by Headbangers Latino America. ​ They shared the stage with bands like Ancient, Venom Inc, Edu Falaschi (Angra / Almah), Giacomo Volo (Rhapsody Of Fire), Dreamshade, DGM, Secretsphere, Arthemis and many more... ​ Through the label "REBORN THROUGH TAPE RECORDS" on 7/11/2020 the limited edition of 100 cassette copies of "Don't Close Your Eyes" is announced sharing the roster with bands such as Kreator, Discharge, Bulldozer, Raw Power , Corrison Of Conformity and many others. In April 2020 he started a partnership with the Italian Championship Wrestling I.C.W. becoming part of the official federation soundtrack. At the end of 2020 they signed a contract with Death By Metal STL.


Release date Release name Media
2020 Don't Close Your Eyes (Ltd Cassette) MC (TAPE)
2020 Enjoy The Scare DOWNLOAD, EP
2019 Don't Close Your Eyes CD
2019 Promo EP 2019 DEMO, EP
2017 Sowing Storms EP
2016 Three Marks Of Dreams DEMO, EP
2016 Chthonic Dreams EP
2015 Broken Lands DEMO, MC (TAPE)


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