INVISION Argentina

INVISION - 01-Utopia-Acrata.mp3


We are a brutal death metal band from Buenos Aires, playing for 10 years (with lots of comes and goes from musicians) we have played in several extreme festivals with a good reception: Bien Extremo in Misiones, Carniceria and many others, and organize one fest of our own, "Into the void". Influenced by Cryptopsy, Decrepith Birth, Suffocation, Spawn of possession and many others, we try to deliver, brutal, fast, and intricate music. Dario: Voice Franco: Bass Fede: Drums Andres: Guitar Cristian: Guitar


Release date Release name Media
2019 Concepcion de teorias incalculadas CD, DOWNLOAD, EP
2017 King Of Eternal Suicide CD, DOWNLOAD, EP


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