INORGANIC - Inorganic - Nothing.mp3


Inorganic was formed in the summer of 2016, derived from another project called "Megalodon", betting on a more personal and fast Brutal Death Metal, with a devastating composition of the battery, with plenty of Blast Beats and Gravity Blast at high speed, compositions on both guitar and bass dizzy sweep and very fast passages, using chromatic scales and diminished, and with a voice of authentic beast that ranges from the most severe guttural to the most acute scream, along with some lyrics that portray our Dantesque society and our most internal demons, who end up bestowing the touch of extreme brutality and the great energy that Inorganic requires. Although the group tends to be quite personal, it is not exempt from certain influences marked by groups like Origin, Dying Fetus, Cytotoxin, Deeds Of Flesh ... Currently the group is immersed in an intense compositional process and in the search for its sound for the self-production of what will be his first album. They hope to destroy the scenarios and your brains. FEEL THE BLASTTITUDE !!!!


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