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Inheritors is a Thrash Metal band based on Malang, Indonesia. The group was formed in January, 2015 by lead singer Noviar Rahmat and guitarist Very Sapto Aji. This duo accomplished the release of their anthemic first single entitled ‘Chainsaw Massacre’ on February, 2015 as a representation of the band’s personae which features fast 80’s Bay Area Thrash Metal introduced by the ‘Big Four’ bands and horror movies lyrical content. This first single released as a lyric video on their official Youtube channel. Later, the band entered the studio to record the debut EP on March, 2015 and expanded their member to complete the solid formation. The bassist Avriza Rama and drummer Rufa Hidayat joined the club. On April 17th, 2015 Inheritors officially held a launching party of their debut EP entitled ‘INHERITORS’ at a local beerhouse spot. The foursome youngsters write the composition of Thrash Metal music a la Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and incorporate their favorite horror movies such as Texas Chainsaw, The Walking Dead, and Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Also the band’s name Inheritors taken from one of fictional character. The debut EP released the official music video of their second single entitled ‘Killer Klowns’ on August 2015. After did the promo album tour to the neighbour cities around in mid 2015, Inheritors started writing the second EP entitled ‘INHERITORS II’ which was formerly conceptualize to be the sequel to their debut EP yet the group decided to move on from the drama of murder scene to Science-Fiction content. The music took the band heavier and leaving 80’s glorious Thrash for modern wave of Heavy Metal incorprated by cinematic Science-Fiction atmosphere which was densely influenced by theatrical rockers such as Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P., and Black Veil Brides. After three months of writing and pre-production, the band once again entered the studio on September 2015. The second EP finally took place for release party on May 2016 on their hometown. October, 2016 marked the next wave of production for the band. After the member substitution who the band was recruited new bassist, Sulton Ubaidillah, the brand new song entitled ‘No Rest For the Wicked’ deliberately released online for video streaming on their Youtube channel and Spotify as well. The Punk-Hardcore-Thrash so to speak first single song emerged as the band announced to have an upcoming full-length album, ‘INHERITORS III’ on 2017. The convincing another musical approach is still on the band mindset. Another musics will be set up to be online as the time for upcoming album arrives.


Release date Release name Media
2016 Inheritors II EP
2015 Inheritors (Self-Titled) EP


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