HUMAN LEATHER United Kingdom



Human Leather are a furious two-piece of bass & drums destruction. Sitting somewhere between sludge punk and noise rock, this DIY outfit have been gracing stages and peeling skin from listeners’ faces, since May 2016. During that time gigging up & down the UK, from DIY house shows to supporting Mclusky, Big Business, Part Chimp, Jucifer & Viagra Boys, Human Leather have delivered their chaotic savagery to all ventures and venues seeking aural abomination. "How two people can produce this caliber of noise and energy is incomprehensible. A flaming meteor of catastrophic annihilation." - Apocalypse Dudes "Equal amounts fun and crushing. Well worth checking out." - RIFF.undergroound


Release date Release name Media
2019 Succulent DOWNLOAD, EP
2019 "Succulent" & "Getting to Spend Time in the Canoe" double EP release LP
2016 Getting to Spend Time in the Canoe DOWNLOAD, EP


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