FRENATRON - Frenatron - Cartographer of hell.mp3


Frenatron - Oldschool Thrash Metal Horde that was born in early 2015 by two drunk friends completly in love with 80s German Thrash/Death Metal scene. After dozens of great gigs around Poland in September 2016 we finally recorded and realased (DIY) our first EP "Back 'Em Up With More METAL'' that was sold in nearly 600 copies. In last three years we had pleasure to play with bands like: Vader, Hirax, Nervosa, Claustrofobia (BRA), Torture Squad, Deserted Fear, Spasm, Wolf Spider and many many more... In November 2018 we are going back to studio to record our 2nd album


Release date Release name Media
2016 Back 'Em Up With More METAL EP


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