FLESH JUICER Taiwan, Province Of China

FLESH JUICER - 10-Dimensional


Flesh Juicer was established in Taichung in the year of 2016. There are five members, vocalist Gigo, Guitarist Qing, Guitarist Zero, Bassist Jen and drummer Barry.The main style of their music is Hardcore and Deathcore. Most of their songs are writing about Taiwanese traditional culture, talking about social convention and the tour of religious carnival.The melodic line in their music has a very eastern-traditional pentatonic scale and the play of traditional instruments. In addition to the play of suona, gongs & drums, the lyrics were written by our local language.And the thing you can only see in Religious Carnival, is the Pig Head, is the spiritual symbol of Flesh Juicer.


Release date Release name Media
2017 10-Dimensional EP
2015 GIGO CD


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