FARšAS Lotyšsko

FARšAS - Faršas - Viena Koja Grabe (OEF).mp3


FARŠAS was born in 2009 when members from other Lithuanian grindcore/noise/metal bands (Disforija, Karma Jawless, Dinozauras etc.) came up with the idea to play fast old-school grindcore. After considering few options for a guitarist, band turned out to be distorted-bass, 3-piece only and so it stayed this way to this day. Many shows with famous grindcore acts and 3 albums later FARŠAS sound has evolved in to something even faster and more extreme. Recent powerviolence influenced sound delivered a lot of positive feedback and generated interest. Band is now writing material for new recordings that will please the ears of even the toughest grindcore purists.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Kažkaiptai Nejuokinga MC (TAPE)
2015 Spazzin To The Oldies - A Tribute To Spazz DOWNLOAD, LP
2014 Bėdų Turgus CD, DEMO, MC (TAPE)
2014 Noise Of Human Extermination (4 way split) CD, DOWNLOAD
2011 Svečiuose Pas Ervydą CD, DEMO


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