ENSLAVEMENT United Kingdom

ENSLAVEMENT - 1. Enslavement- Sculpted From Filth.mp3


Enslavement are a death metal band that formed in 2012 and have been performing live since 2013 in multiple places across the uk. They have released two successful eps that combine old school death metal with slamming death metal and even hints of black metal. They have a loyal following in their hometown of Brighton but have also played successful shows in london, bristol and wales alongside many notable bands, such as omnium gatherum, trepallium, abhorrent decimation and begging for incest. They have also played on the upcoming uk metal festival mammothfest. Enslavement are a tight live act, having been gigging regularly since 2013 and have a unique stage presence created by the casual and self deprecating nature of their performances.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Pslams Of Celestial Decay CD, EP
2014 Born Into Servitude EP


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