EMETICA - Emetica - Alabama Hot Pocket.mp3


Emetica was formed back in 2000 in Kragujevac. Soon, they played their first gig in february 2001. In january 2002 a demo called ''Sanguinem menstruations amicae lambit et devorat'' was recorded in legendary studio Cesnjak and later released as a split release with the band Intakt. In may 2003 second demo called ''6 tons of faecal waste'' was recorded, again in studio Cesnjak. In 2007 a split called ''United forces of grind'' was released trough Extreme terror production, and in 2008, another split with the band Kramp was released trough L.H.D.L.B. records. Additional Discography: - Contributed "Dildo Arse Pumping" (0:47) to "100 Way Splatter Fetish 2" (Parkinson Wankfist Pleasures, 2009) - Various Artists - 10 Ways To Relieve the world from Virgins (Fecal Junk Records) (10 way split with: Ebanath, Phlegm Thrower, Fakal Massaker, Anus Tumor, Hideous Bitch, ClitSplit, A.F.F, Terrorazor, Freedried Blowjob.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Live Redneck Diarrhea DVD
2015 Escatolorgy CD
2003 6 Tons of Faecal Waste DEMO
2002 Sanguinem menstruations amicae lambit et devorat DEMO


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