E.G.O.C.I.D.E. BSHC Italy

E.G.O.C.I.D.E. BSHC - inbound7470724330007658845.mp3


The band has been formed towards the end of 2016, after a brief experience as a quintet, it stabilized itself into a four piece formation. We play a mix of hardcore with heavy thrash metal influenxes, with a bit of death and doom here and there. On the 22th July 2017 we released our first EP titled "What Price For Freedom?" on both Bandcamp and Youtube and it received positive reviews both abroad and in our homeland. Since the end of 2017 we started to grow our muscles with the first live gigs around the Lombardia region and we also had the honour to be the opening act for an important band like Node. Anger, sweat, blood and passion are what you will see from us being on stage. In exchange, we ask you only chorus, screams and a lot of mosh.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Chapter 1: cheap existentialism and other rhetorical bullshits no one wants to hear anymore CD
2017 What price for freedom? EP


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