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Dying is formed in Seville in May of the year 2000.Tony to the battery, Black to the bass / vocals and Carlos to the guitar. They compose their first songs giving form to what would be their first model "Desolation & Hate", recorded in October 2000 in the studios Digital Dos of Seville, of this model is born the videoclip "Mother Nature", recorded by a follower of the band , Soon Carlos left the band and Fernando enters in February 2001. After working on new compositions in July 2003 was born the second model "The Truth is Inside". This second model of a more thrash / core style contains an unpublished live theme and was recorded at the Cube studio in Seville in October 2003. Dying decided to incorporate a second guitarist, to give more body to the compositions and forcefulness in the concerts, happening to be a quartet, Tony, Black, Fernando and Antonio like second guitarist, after a series of concerts with the second model and with the Recording a new video clip with the theme "Death By Execution", Antonio had to leave the band for personal reasons. Later there was a change in the band with change of style, returning to our roots of Death Metal, in that period there was a new change of formation. Tony, Negro, Fernando and Pepe, who joined as a new guitarist in June 2004, began to compose new songs and recorded a promo / demo with two songs titled "Ill Intentions". Ill Intentions and Bloody Supper were his songs, which later appeared in the recording of the band's first album, also recorded in Cube's November 2008 album "Born from Impurity". Live sharing stage with bands such as Brutal Truth, Massacre, Avulsed, Eternal Mourning, The Heretic, etc. Again at this stage was changed again training. Black has to leave the band because of personal problems, Dying having to look again for a vocalist and a new bass player to become the band a quintet, Tony, Fernando, Pepe, Angel as new vocalist that I entered in June of 2010 and a little more Gonzalo later, like new bearer in August. After preparing a tour and having played only the first concert, Gonzalo, bass player of the band passes away in April of 2011, therefore the band decides to stop its activity some months. In September of that same year a homage is celebrated to Gonzalo in his native town, counting already with a new bearer, Enrique, who also would leave the band in January of 2012. In February of that same year enters Miguel like new bearer of the band, being the band like quintet. During this year the "Andalusian Death Fest" is celebrated, itinerant festival that visits several Andalusian capitals. Also recorded is the video clip "Chronicles of Insanity" by the production company "Neburzone" During the later years Dying continues giving concerts with bands like Avulsed and Napalm Death. In February 2014 a dvd is recorded live in the room "Custom" of Seville, also by "Neburzone productions". During this time and until the present time Dying composes his second album titled "No Mercy For Us" which is recorded during the year 2016. At the moment Dying are preparing the subjects of the new disc for the direct, with Pablo, the new bearer Of the band, since Miguel left the band at the end of 2016.


Release date Release name Media
2017 no mercy for us CD
2017 no mercy for us / dying to live CD, DVD
2009 born from impurity CD
2006 ill intention for a bloody supper DEMO
2003 the thru is inside DEMO
2000 desolation and hate DEMO


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