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Deny is a harcore punk/ crust band from Mariestad, Sweden. The band was formed 1995 in Töreboda by the young friends Tobbe (guitar), Johan (vocals), Björman (guitar), Lalle (drums) and David (bass). With this setting the band recorded a demo tape with the title “?” and they also participated on a few compilation records. After a couple of years some members were changed and with the new setting and along with that the members became better musicians they changed to a faster and rawer approach to their music and also started to write the lyrics in English. 1998 Deny recorded and released the CD “Fucked”. 1999 the band entered the studio again and recorded a 10” split with the German band Uncontrollable Urge. The album was titled “I Hate Jesus” and pictured Jesus with a knife through his head. The album art was drawn by the tattoo artist Drew from Lidköping. Another few years passed and now Johan left the band and was replaced by Micke Dahl from Wolfbrigade. Once again the band entered the studio to record the EP “Out of Tears”. That recording is still unreleased, but it is available on Youtube and Bandcamp. The last member change was when Dahl left Mariestad and was replaced with Emma. This new approach with a female vocalist gave the band new fuel but unfortunately it was not enough to keep them motivated anymore and they decided to stop playing. In the end of 2016 Johan (the original vocalist in the band) contacted the former band members and they decided to start play again. The setting became, and still are; Johan (vocals), Tobbe and Jonsson (guitars), Arvid (drums) and Martin (bass). Deny's latest release, Parasite Parasite, has received good reviews and currently the band are rehearsing to enter the studio again.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Parasite Paradise CD, DOWNLOAD, EP, MC (TAPE)
2002 Out of Tears DOWNLOAD
1999 I Hate Jesus LP
1998 Fucked CD, MC (TAPE)
1995 ? MC (TAPE)


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