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DELETE THE MASS is a grindcore / death metal band based on Athens, Greece. The band’s first steps are traced back in 2009 and after 3 years of rehearsing, songwriting and live performances with various local bands, the band released its first demo, containing 5 songs plus 2 additional live recordings. In the meantime, the band also shared the stage with acknowledged foreign names of the metal scene such as Shai Hulud and Kickback. The band’s music can be described as a mix of grindcore and death metal, influenced by the complete spectrum that was formed during the genre’s evolution. Generally, the band’s sound has been enriched with elements from all the extreme music genres, but without exceeding the death / grind limits mentioned above. The lyrics focus mainly on social issues, inspired both by the Greek and the global social and economic circumstances, either literally or through allegories. Additionally, the band also adds a healthy dose of humor to the overall lyrical concept. Since November 2012, the band performs under a new line-up, with guitarist Giannos and vocalist Aimilios leaving the band, Stergios switching from bass to guitar and also becoming the main vocalist next to George V., and Sotiris becoming the new bass player. On March 16, 2013 the band released independently its first full-length release called "Μάζα" (máza – Greek for “Mass”), containing 15 tracks of furious death / grind. Although the band's line up had changed before the release date, the album was recorded by the old line-up, so that's the one appearing on it. All the recording, mixing and mastering procedures were done solely by the band itself in its rehearsal studio, the "Meatbox". Moreover, the band is currently composing and arranging ideas for a future DELETE THE MASS release. The new material, filled with even more death metal elements, is more extreme and aggressive than anything the band has released so far. DELETE THE MASS is: George V. - vocals Stergios - vocals, guitar Sotiris - bass George C. - drums


Release date Release name Media
2013 Μάζα (Maza) CD
2012 Demo DEMO


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