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After a long period in which the lack of initiative ruled the southern Romanian metal scene, five heavy metal fanatics from Craiova, overwhelmed by passion, desire and some beers in between, finally decided to take the wheel and start the Violent Groove Metal beast, Crimena (Greek, "is hidden"). Founded in late summer of 2012, their musical substance consists of Cosmin's sludgy raw vocals and precise songwriting, Robi "Macarena" and Radu's sharp and creative riffs, Vali's ground shaking bass lines and aggressive backing vocals and of course Andrei's insane skull crushing drumming. It took several rehearsals so the guys could come up with several songs to delight the ever hungry local metalheads. The band received positive critics through their concerts, and had the pleasure to share the stage with bands like Riul Doamnei (Italy), Jinjer (Ukraine), Cold In December (Bulgaria), Infected Rain (Rep. of Moldova), Violentor (Italy), as well as other Romanian metal acts like Negura Bunget, Gothic, Psychogod, Inbreed Aborted Divinity, Dark Fusion, Krepuskul, NPH, Ura De Dupa Usa, ErasE, Avatar, I Stared Into The Forest, The Boy Who Cried Wolf or Negative Core Project. "We are very grateful for the support we get from the crowd and they motivate us to become better and to get wilder on the stage and give everything we got. After a 40 minute show we feel like we ran an entire marathon...it's THAT intense." Vali We offer our music with a no compromise, no bullshit attached, in your face attitude, on and off the stage. We make our music from passion, we expect nothing from no one and we are determined to bring it to as many people as possible We played as much as we could play, we started touring and crossing the borders to other countries and people started noticing. Some people left the band, others came and took their place, but the band still remains the same, holding on to the same values and principles and doing things from passion. In 2016, after 3 years of hard work and crossing many obstacles, we released our first studio album, CHAPTER ONE: DIVINE BETRAYAL. The music we bring to you on this album, and the music that will follow is honest, in your face, without "bells and whistles" but it has and always will have a strong message. Current Members: Bob - Vocal Vali - Bass Radu - Lead Guitar Macarena - Rhythm Guitar Cristi - Drum


Release date Release name Media
2016 Chapter One: Divine Betrayal CD, DOWNLOAD


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