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Members: Aleksandar Krčulj – vocals, guitars Mladen Kosovac – guitars Marko Matić – drums Marko Živković –bass Label: Miner records Genre: Thrash/groove/prog metal Contact: counterignition@gmail.com Discography: Demo – self, 2008. Spit or swallow – DDN records, 2011. Mediocrity Deadlock – Miner records, 2015. Web: http://counterignition.com/ https://www.facebook.com/counterignition1/ https://www.youtube.com/user/Counterignition CounterIgnitioN is a thrash/groove/progressive metal band from Serbia, formed in 2006. by lead singer/guitarist Aleksandar Krculj and guitarist Mladen Kosovac. Gathered by their friendship and love for making and playing music live, and after dismemberment of their previous bands, they decided to make a new band that would be all about making heavy music, not bounded by genre, not influenced by the current trends in music, not caring if it‘s modern or “old-school”, and a band that would always be able to play live, no matter what. Soon they were joined by people who had the same view on music and same reasons for being in the band, their long time friend and bandmate from previous bands Aleksandar Maksem on the drums and Marko Djukanovic on the bass. This lineup recorded the first, self-released, album called “Spit or swallow” in 2011. The debut album received great reviews, numerous songs were featured on compilations and radio shows worldwide. Sometime between the recording and the publishing of the first album, Maksem left the band due to personal problems and not being able to commit to the band, and was replaced by Marko Matic. With this line-up the band started a sort of “weekend-toweekend” tour across Serbia and Bosnia, that was interrupted by a accident on the road in which the band lost it’s van and most of the equipment. Being left with no equipment and no transportation, the band decided to quit the tour and keep playing only festivals and group shows, and started working on the new album. They entered the studio in the summer 2013. to start recording their second album “Mediocrity Deadlock”, this time going for even more unique sound, bit more progressive, traditional Balkan music influenced, that they laid path to with the debut album. Mediocrity Deadlock was out 2015. through Miner Records, and received some great reviews especially in Croatian, Bosnian and Macedonian media. After few changers in the lineup Marko Zivokovic had joined the band on the bass in march 2016., the band was ready to hit the road, and has been on another weekend-to-weekend tour since then, playing numerous shows across Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and Bulgaria, and also performing on some big festivals such as Exit, Prnjavostock, Starwood, Serbia Rocks, Šid Metal day, etc.


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