Corpse Mutilation was started in October 2009 with 3 friends who shared the same genre and passion for metal music. Thijs took care of the vocals, Wannes guitars and Sander mutilated the drums like no other! After a few bass players, Didier joined in april 2011 but had to quit in 2012 due to lack of time. Finally after a couple of months and a lot of different bass players we found a suiting bass player to take over the bass, Anthony. In 2013 we decided to record a MCD and things were all going well, but then Sander decided to quit the band and he got replaced by our current drummer, Danilo. Also we released the MCD and things are starting to go smooth. So finally we have a solid line-up and we’re working hard to make new songs to record a full CD. We recently recorded our first professional videoclip for the titletrack of our MCD – Retaliation of the Suppressed. We also got an interview for 2 local radiostations (Quindo - Kortrijk + Slaïp - Mouscron) and a well known magazine in Belgium(Rocking Ink). 2015, Thijs made the hard choice to leave the band in April. With a lot of shows coming up we had no other choice to replace him ASAP. With no hard feelings or any grudge towards Thijs, we decided to continue with Jordy Houthoofd. With shows confirmed in England, Switzerland and a 7 day Europe tour with the good lads of Merciless Terror, it's been a sick year for Corpse Mutilation. Again, the living proof that hard work does pay off! New songs are also really getting shape now. We’re going to record some of those and a full CD is planned to be released in 2016. So stay tuned!


Release date Release name Media
2014 Retaliation of the Suppressed CD


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