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Coproach was formed in Leeds in 2015 and released their first EP "Hold my beer and watch this" in time for their first gig. After playing shows around the UK and Scotland they coined the genre of 'Partyviolence' They describe themselves as the world's fastest party band, blending influences of powerviolence, grindcore, thrash, hardcore and punk. After releasing 3 EP's and gaining a reputation for stage props and airhorns they played their last show of 2016 in Leeds before going on a mini haitus. All members returned to the UK in 2018 and played 3 shows with Swedish legends Birdflesh. The rest of the year involves more shows, recording a new split EP and a tour of Europe. "Coproach are a band with lots of energy, brimming with enthusiasm for Grind and a youthful exuberance that pours out on the stage as their singer belts out their quick fire tracks, before stripping down, butt naked, with a mohawk, lots of facial piercings and genuinely interesting facial tattoo’s. Really, I couldn’t fault their version of Grind and their antics drew smirks from those around me as his willy bounced around the half empty room. Their songs have all the tempo changes and bounce that you would expect from a band that describes themselves as "Partyviolence" and it's all executed with precision and solid musicianship"


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