CONVULSIF - Convulsif #3 (2015).mp3


CONVULSIF is a collective around the bass player Loïc Grobéty, focuses to an enriched tension between composition and improvisation in powerful sounds. After two conceptual CDs in crossover style – Jazz, Metal, Classic, Free – and changing collaborations of various artists and musicians, Convulsif is about to concentrate to heavier sounds and to a fixer line up. With a special instrumentation – a classic rhythm section and heavy amplified, treated violin & bass clarinet – they go deep in the sound of the actual metal scene and mix different tendencies to a new unknown conglomerate: Grind, Doom, Drone, Black Metal and Soundscapes are played with the means of conceptual improvisation and imposed themes. All colored by a very uncommon instrumentation.


Release date Release name Media
2014 CD3 CD
2013 CD2 CD
2011 CD1 CD


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