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C.M. - 10.000.000 Кт


C.M. aka Советская Милиция (Soviet Militia) is a noisepunk/noisegrind band from Russia that started in 2009 influenced by chaotic grindcore bands. During all these years the sound was changing, it got "industrial" influence by adding metal percussion. Lyrical themes also transmitted from historic and social subjects to futuristic ones. The only thing that stayed unaltered are evil, absolutely relentless, overwhelming guitars and unforgiving vocals that resemble a howl. The best albums are "Избиение цепью", 2009 (Battering by chain) and "Рельс", 2012 (Rail) that were released on tapes.


Release date Release name Media
2017 10.000.000 Кт EP
2016 Фрагменты DOWNLOAD
2012 Рельс MC (TAPE)
2010 Внезапная ядерная атака MC (TAPE)
2009 Избиение цепью MC (TAPE)


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