ČLOVĚK V PLíSNI Czech Republic

ČLOVĚK V PLíSNI - Bacteria


The Czech grindcore scene has always been great and we have another proof that it is still true!!! The local grinders from Trutnov called ČLOVĚK V PLÍSNI playing crushing mix of grindcore, hardcore and metal will be driving their devastating tones through your head!!! The guys were formed in 2015 directly at the Trutnov railway station and in the adjoining pubs under the name Silentpie & The Plezírs at that time, so it is a relatively young band.

Although the original intention of the band was different, following some changes in the line-up, a grinding ČLOVĚK V PLÍSNI was born who fucking knows how to play!!! So far a single EP under their belt only with another one planned for this year. Short, fast and loud... this is ČLOVĚK V PLÍSNI!!!


The band was formed in 2015 at the Trutnov railway station and in pubs nearby, originally with different membersand with different artistic intensions. After painful beginnings, experiments and searching the line-up stabilized and the band started regularly performing as The Silentpie & The Plezírs and recorded their first demo. In November 2017 while recording first EP they decided to change the bandname to something more memorable and less stupid- Člověk v plísni (Rotting Man). Second EP is on its way now.

Člověk v plísni consists of guitar, bass, drums and two gruff vocals.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Ze všeho hezkýho... EP
2016 Silentpie & The Plezírs DEMO


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