CARNOPHAGE - Carnophage -Resistance against mind clouding heresy.mp3


Carnophage was formed in early 2006 and released the debut album “Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare” in 2008 through Unique Leader Records. The band has played many shows, received considerable amount of positive feedback and gained experience. Too many years have passed without composing new music due to some reasons, but the band succeeded to carry the potential in the course of time. In 2014 two of the former members, Berkan and Bengi have splitted their ways with Carnophage, instantly Mert’s brother Serhat (ex-Cenotaph) joined the band as 2nd guitarist. After Serhat’s addition, the band gained velocity and finished writing 2nd full length “Monument” in 2015 with the lineup Oral (vocals), Mert (guitar/bass), Serhat (guitar/bass) and Onur (drums). The nine-track album was recorded at Studio Deep (Ankara) by Ünsal Özata, mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh (TsunTsun Productions). Shortly after recording sessions Bengi rejoined the band. On 23th September 2016, Carnophage will share the sickness with the world under the flag of Unique Leader Records, featuring the baroque era influenced and tormented artwork of Cihan Engin. The new album will be released worldwide, on CD, Vinyl LP and for digital download/streaming. And now there is the news worth to wait: The countdown has started for “Monument”!!!


Release date Release name Media
2016 Monument CD, LP
2008 Deformed Future Genetic Nightmare CD


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