CARCARIASS - Carcariass - Revenger (feat. Max).mp3


CARCARIASS is a Melodic and Technical Death Metal band from France and Switzerland. The music of CARCARIASS is very directed Instrumental going from Death Metal to Heavy Metal. Band releases : In 1997, first CD entitled "Hell On Earth"; In 1998, second album "Sideral Torment" on Impacts Records, recorded at the Impuls studio in Belgium (GOJIRA,...); In 2002, third album "Killing Process" on Adipocere Records (MOONSPELL, ALASTIS,...) produced at LB-LAB with Stephane Buriez (LOUDBLAST); In 2009, fourth album "E-Xtinction" on Great Dane Records (NO RETURN, MERCYLESS,...) ; In 2013, new mastering of the first two albums in a double CD called "Hell & Torment" released by Great Dane Records ; In 2016, re-issue of all Albums in digipack version by Greatdane Records/ Season Of Mist , in 2016 CARCARIASS is coming back on the Road ! In the early 2000, the Band Played with bands like Cradle Of Filth, Sadist, Nostromo, Alastis, Impaled Nazarene,...


Release date Release name Media
2016 Killing Process (Re-issue Album , Digipack, With Bonus Track) CD
2013 Hell & Torment CD
2009 E-Xtinction CD
2002 Killing Process CD
1998 Sideral Torment CD
1997 Hell On Earth CD


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