BODYGRINDER - Bodygrinder Arabian Grind.mp3


We are Bodygrinder from Italy. The band was formed in 2006 by drummer Bo (2006-) and vocalisty pelvis (2006-2011), who decided that the music which they will perform will be grindcore. After a short time the team was joined by a guitarist Gildo(2006-) and then created the first demo - "Siamo tutti proprio stronzi." A year later in 2007. The band closed in their studio and recorded the LP "Shit Grind For Sick People." Which was released only in 2008. After a lot of turmoil which lasted a few years, the band was joined by Gorelord(2011-) and this is the band squad that performs to date. Together with the new vocalist we recorded two albums, "Habemus Grind"(2011) and our newest creation „Polka La Madonna”(2016) Thanks to the positive feedback from our music, we are often invited to different concerts and events , unfortunately only locally. If you like our music, vote for us. Thanks!


Release date Release name Media
2016 Polka La Madonna CD
2011 Habemus Grind CD
2008 Shit Grind For Sick People LP
2008 Sfondamenti Anali DEMO
2006 Siamo Proprio Tutti Stronzi DEMO


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