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BLACK SKIES BURN Formed October 2005 www.blackskiesburn.co.uk www.facebook.com/blackskiesburn We are a ferocious 4 piece Death Grind band hailing from the bowels of Oxfordshire,UK. Blasting since 2005 we provide a mass array of Punishing blast beats, Gurning riffs and Disgusting vocals ensuring a brutal show full of face fucking Death Grind with influences including Dying Fetus, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer,Stampin Ground and Disrupt Line Up Vocals : Simon Manion Guitar : Chris Marks Bass : Will Michlyk Drums : Steve Butler Releases Lamb Of Sacrifice EP (2006) Consequences.... EP (2008) To Punish And Enslave Album (2013) Live at S.O.A.N (live album 2015) 7 Band Split (Release June 2015) Album 2 (Currently writing ) We have helped organise our tours, bands we have toured with include : Extreme Noise Terror, Desecration , Warpath (Ire), Basement Torture Killings,Abaddon Incarnate (Ire), Holocausto Canibal (Por), Scordatura ,Party Cannon, Iniquitous Savagery, Omnipotent Hysteria, Foul Body Autopsy , Amputated, ShitFuckingShit (Ita), Unsu (Fra) Kaasschaff (NL) and Atonement ! >Notable Festival slots XL Grindfeast 2016 (Holland) MammothFest 2015 Fastival 2015 FearFest 2015 Day Of Rapture IV SnuffFest 2015 Winter Death Fest Cardiff 2014 Day Of Decay Dublin 2014 **Co-Headline with Amputated** Chimpyfest 2014 Blastonbury Fastevil 2014 Kin Hell Fest 2014 Eradication Festival Wales 2014 Snuff Fest 2014 Winter Death Fest Cardiff 2013 Danowarfest 2013 We have played across the UK and Ireland including support to Sepultura at Dublin Academy,we have also been fortunate enough to share the stage with this ever growing list of savage bands that greatly deserve a mention : Sepultura (Bra) / Extreme Noise Terror (UK) / Fuck The Facts (Can) / Chimaira (USA) / Gojira (Fra) / Benediction (UK) / Cerebral Fix (UK) / Kraanium (Nor) / Desecration (UK) / Thanatos (NL) / Cerebral Bore (UK) / Amputated (UK) / Wolf (Swe) / Evile (UK) / General Surgery (Swe) / Warpath (Ireland) / Burning Skies (UK) / ColdWar (Ireland) / SCD (Fra) / Dead (Ger) / Unfathomable Ruination (UK) / Holocausto Canibal (Por) / Ingested (UK) / Holy Grail (USA) / Hatesphere (Den) / First Blood (US) / Born From Pain (NL) / Basement Torture Killings (UK) / Neuroma (UK) / Medulla Nocte II (UK) / Flayed Disciple (UK) / Crepitation (UK) / Maruta (USA) / Spasm (Cz) / Skinned (USA) / Suffering Mind (Pl) / Engorgement (UK) / Demonic Resurrection (Ind) / Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu (Jap) / Bloodshot Dawn (UK) / Oblivionized (UK) / Scordatura (UK) / Cancerous Womb (UK) / Unsu (Fra) / The Afternoon Gentlemen (UK) / Merciless Precision (UK) / Abaddon Incarnate (Ire) / Anihilated (UK) / Abhorrent Decimation (UK) / Trifixion (UK) / The Atrocity Exhibit (UK) / Annotations of An Autopsy (UK) / Martyr Defiled (UK) / Shaped By Fate (UK) / Cemetery Rapist (USA) / Anal Penetration (NL) / Neosis (CH) / Dead Beyond Buried / Divine chaos (UK) / The Set Up (Bel) / Shadow Law (UK) / Acrania (UK) / Foul Body Autopsy (UK) / Seprevation (UK) / Zombiefied (UK) / Merciless Terror (UK) / Fractured Insanity (Bel) / Endovein (Ita) / Witchsorrow (UK) / De Profundis (UK) / Bossk (UK) / Evisorax (UK) / Ageless Oblivion (UK) / Foetal Juice (UK) / Revoker (UK) / Eagle Twin (USA) / Meta-stasis (UK) / Decimate (UK) / Diesel King (UK) / Desert Storm (UK) / Party-Cannon (UK) / Gets Worse (UK) / Human Cull (UK) Distro/trades for our Debut album with: Sevared Records (USA) UKEM Records (UK) Comatose Records (USA) Blast Head Records (CAN) Kaotoxin Records (FRA) Amputated Vein Records (JAP) Grindhead Records (AUS) Pathologically Explicit (Esp) SZR Records (Ger) Bizarre Leprous (Cz) RottenRollRex (Ger) Rotten Music (UK) Rip Roaring Shit Storm (UK) Endorsed by -DL David Laboga Cables and Cabs -Spectraflex Cables USA Here's some links for all our media www.youtube.com/blackskiesburn6 www.blackskiesburn.bandcamp.com www.reverbnation.com/blackskiesburn Gig swaps available through our promo in Oxford and Reading www.facebook.com/slavetothegrindpromotions Grind Regards Chris Marks - black skies burn bsb666_chris@hotmail.co.uk


Release date Release name Media
2015 Live At Stuck On A Name CD
2015 8 way Split EP
2013 To Punish And Enslave CD
2008 Consequences And Repercussions EP
2006 Lamb Of Sacrifice DEMO


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