BLACK SACHBAK - Party Hard Living Tight


Next newcomers on Obscene Extreme, but definitely not in Europe, are the Israeli thrashers BLACK SACHBAK!!! Great crossover thrash metal with a fine punk kick, hardcore fury and melodic solos on top of it!!! All this is contained in the music of BLACK SACHKBAK, a thrash quintet from the Tel Aviv!!!

Those fighters have over a decade of playing under their belt, and the live shows we've seen command us to bring these partying madmen to you. Let's go...1,2,3,4...MOSH!!!


Black Sachbak is a Thrash phenomena active since 2010, when Israel's had no Metalpunks' bands and the scene here was made mostly of rightwingers. Starting as a Crossover Thrash band in the vein of bands like Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, and Nuclear Assault and progressing into something in between Crossover and Tech Thrash. Black has  released 2 albums - "No Pay No Gain" (in 2013 on "Stormspell records" and many other labels) and "Black Sachbak VS. the Future" (in 2019 on "Combat Records"). The Band has toured many times around the world - in places like Germany, Russia, The Netherlands and many more - and including making many shows in the Czech Republic with festival appearances. Black Sachbak is set on killing the Future and moving into a non- physical life-form after the destruction of the multiverse.


Release date Release name Media
2019 "Black Sachbak vs. The Future" - music by Black Sachbak, recorded and mixed by Eli Pikover at "Kicha" and "Iscream" studios in TLV, Mastered by Ronen Hillel, Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov.
2013 "No Pay No Gain" - Debut album. Music by Black Sachbak, recorded and mixed By Eli Pikover at "Pikover studios", Mastered by Scott Atkins, Coverart by Andrei Bouzikov.


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