BIBLIOPEGIA ANTROPODERMICA - 02_the Unwritten Law ov the Divine Order - Demeter.mp3


Bibliopegia Antropodermica is a Death metal band formed in March 2013 by the two old friends Ettore (No Sec to Lose, Southern, Onicectomy) and Valerio (This is Crime in Action, Fucking Ostia, No Sec to Lose, Warknife), veteran deathsters of the Salento scene, and the young-talented drummer Fabbo. The desire to propose a grave, profound and severe sound, well away from the today’s metal trends, but closed with the old school one with which the founding members have grown up, is fully expressed during the composition. During the Autumn 2013, Francesco joined permanently the band and the combo strengthened its tendency, reaching a unique and personal style. The debut EP, "The Eleusinian Mysteries: the descent, the search, the ascent" comes out in June 2015.


Release date Release name Media
2015 The Eleusinian Mysteries: the descent, the search, the ascent EP


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