BBYB Czech Republic

BBYB - Kozí Dech


BBYB or BABAYABA if you want is a group of lunatics on unknown substancies that decided to approach the art of music from a different direction. These ufo's you can see at the OEF stage for the first time come from Czech industrial town of Ostrava. I believe this fact and other strange circumstances caused that the music of this band is almost impalpable.


This original mix of styles will properly air your cerebral tissue. Mad mixture of electric beats / techno / industrial passages / nerves rubbing guitars and sick vocals will open the jaws of many of you. Stage show of this human mutants is again something special. All fans of cyber grind and similar perversities are welcome to have a dance.


... all was founded from unexpected unawares on the brink at the turn of the millennium in a hypertensive vacuum on injudicious borderland between steel heart of republic and miner-town called by name of Hawr. Yes, from grinded carcass of the most famous infamous blek mental band is born multimember waxworks in these inhuman times. x-years playing'n'moshing blastbeat grindcore klishe ... so that they could crystalize from immaculate substratum of lsd sperm into composite sketch of final elektro stage - BBYB - for much of listeners ungrateful lovely !!!


Release date Release name Media
2013 Stavebnice Reality CD, DOWNLOAD


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