APOSTATE United Kingdom

APOSTATE - At The Tomb Of Sanity.mp3


Forged in the wasteland known as Lancashire; APOSTATE bring the brutality in their own take on mid 90's Death Metal. Featuring former members of Nihilism Incarnate, Dissectrophy and Revolting Chaos, the band hark back to the days of metal innovation and musicianship with a brutal edge to the sound holding it all together. The band have been creating a strong following after releasing a demo in 2017, and debut album "At the Tomb of Sanity" was recently released independently to plenty of critical acclaim worldwide. Drawing comparisons to early Suffocation and Deeds of Flesh the record features twisting tempos and endless riffs; pummeling the listener with breakneck double bass drumming over 10 crushing tracks. "At the Tomb of Sanity" is available on all major streaming platforms and a physical release is scheduled for next month.


Release date Release name Media
2019 At the Tomb of Sanity LP
2017 Desecrating the Holy Texts DEMO


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