ANXIETY DISORDER - Fear and anger


The band was formed in 2010, after the demise of Gert and Charly's previous endeavour, Witness The End. Kas, had filled-in for their bassplayer and guitarplayer a few times and it was basically in 2008 already, at a gig they did at Tepelfest, that ideas started brewing. First they wanted to do something with überfast grind and pokémon-themes, but when ( found out that was already done before, they just sticked to the überfast grind shtick. The band started with just Kas on guitar and Gert on vocals, then our first drummer David joined later on. He used to play with local black metal heroes 'Selvmord'. This MKI-line up was completed by Charly, the ex-drummer for Witness The End, who joined in as second vocalist. After a year and a couple of gigs, David got pussywhipped and quit the band (he basically pussywhipped himself though), so Charly took over the drums. To fill the void and to enable some more elaborate 20 minute free jazz jam sessions Brame joined on bass/low frenquency noise. He has a series of other projects, like Discophobia, Assur, Bite Down and probably some other shit that we don't know about. The band did a lot of gigs with other grindcore bands and did their first European tour in 2013. They always do very short en very hard gigs. It felt as a smack in the face. They're defenetly worth seeing!!!


Release date Release name Media
2014 split with Sete Star Sept EP, MC (TAPE)
2013 demo DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)


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