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Biography Guided by Mikel Kazalis, the quartet of Zarautz (Gipuzkoa) broke the prejudices of doing thrash and hardcore in Basque and along with hard sounds added letters of denunciation and criticism. Refusing to follow fashion, Anesthesia went its way, and so have become a role model for many groups. Kazalis has taken part in many projects besides his activity in Anesthesia (Negu Gorriak, 2 Kate, Kuraia ...). In 1988, Mikel Kazalis, bass player and singer of thrash band Styx, left that group and formed Anesthesia with two new musicians, Dani Aizpurua (bass) and Imanol Beloki (drums). In that group, besides singing, Kazalis plays the guitar. The goal was to make music faster and thicker, and they did it. They began to rehearse and, in half a year, began to give concerts in the gaztetxes. Even more: in 1989 they pulled out the model titled Cerebral Anesthesia, sung in Basque and Spanish, and recorded on 4 tracks of their premises. Behind, in 1990, they released Immorality, where they recorded a version of the song "Criminal Brigade" of the group RIP. In 1991, Mikel Kazalis begins to play the bass in Negu Gorriak, but anesthesia did not stop. They bring out the EP on vinyl Toki berean (Esan Ozenki, 1991), through a collaboration between Esan Ozenki and Hardcross. They recorded it in the IZ studios, with the help of Kaki Arkarazo and Jesutxo Suinaga. Kazalis had nodules in his throat, and that is why Alberto Suris Nil of the group Scombro took the microphone in some songs of the album. They were 5 songs, a little slower than the previous ones, and they recorded a version of the subject "Pipeline" of the instrumental group surf the Ventures. Conditioned on the unstoppable race of Negu Gorriak, they gave few concerts, but in 1993 in five days of San Fermin they recorded Gorrotoaren ahotsa (Esan Ozenki, 1993), once again in the studies IZ with Kaki Arkarazo. They collected 14 songs of thrash, metal and hardcore, all in Euskera and sung by Nil. As guest artists were 2 components of Negu Gorriak: Fermin Muguruza wrote the lyrics of "Basurdearen irrintzia", ​​and Kaki Arkarazo put guitar solos in the song "Biktimak". After giving modest but exciting concerts both in Euskal Herria and in Spain, in 1995 Dani leaves the group and creates Brigade Slam. Instead, he enters the group Carlos Diaz Txarli of the groups Censura and Gutural. Txarli also began to compose, and in 5 months they had ready Erantzun (Esan Ozenki, 1995). They recovered the song "B.U.F." of his first model, and for the first time, in that work they put samples, making a turn towards the industrial metal. The vinyl editions had 2 temás more than those of cd: The version of the group Los Crudos "Zipaios, traidores and losers" and "Bizitza dastatu nuen". In 1997, Mikel Kazalis again demonstrated that he was able to put his head and creativity in different places at the same time, and, at the same time as the farewell disc of Negu Gorriak, launched the industrial metal group 2 Kate with the help of Izaskun Forkada, in addition to publishing the fourth disc of Anesthesia, Gu (Esan Ozenki, 1997). In the following years, Kazalis led the 2 groups-2 Kate and Anesthesia. Thus, it released the second disc of 2 Kate, Birziklatu (Esan Ozenki, 1999), and the Ultra-komunikatzen (Esan Ozenki, 2000) of Anesthesia. At that moment, Ibon Esteibar of the group Atxantatu took the microphone, and Nil replaced Txarli in the bass. That work was also recorded with Kaki Arkarazo, in the studio Garate de Andoain. Until 2002 they gave concerts with much rage, but in that year Kazalis immersed himself in the Kuraia group, with Joseba Ponce de Dut, Galder Izagirre and the singer Fernando de El Corazón del Sapo, and Anesthesia stopped for a long term. In 2005, again, returning to the original trio format, Mikel, Ibon and Beloki begin to prepare the group's sixth work, in Kazalis studies in Zarautz. Between 2005 and 2006 they recorded 13 songs, guided by Kazalis, in the study Bonberenea of ​​Tolosa. Therapy (Fidelenea, 2006) had some songs with medium speed, but also of thrash and hardcore. For the live, Dani Aizpurua returns to the group, and with that training they returned to give concerts again.


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