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The band of crust hardcore peripheral from São Paulo began work in mid-January 2016 with the doubts of its three members, it is serious attention to this world, so full of uncertainty, but with a very good energy. Who said bar talk is nothing? In early 2016, after a few nonsense noises, beers and conversations, Celso Escobar, Nithael and Simon formed what would be the beginning of älä kumarra. In a short time, they composed eight songs and soon began to appear the first opportunities to play live. Nervous sounds and lyrics focused on the day to day of the periphery and the world, addressing the social, cultural, political, police, religion, racial and worst of all controversy, the alienation of the people! It was the best way for the three thinking heads in this sea of mud not to bend and form the band. With projects to encompass everything that is part of an underground band from São Paulo, in a few months they created songs, made T-shirts, stickers and bottons. From this, the first invitations to play in several places of the regions and with many bands began to appear. In December 2016 was released the first EP of the band, containing 5 songs. The plans for 2017 are to launch their first CD, and open new paths through their message. The meaning of älä kumarra is "do not bow" in Finnish, it counts with the members: Simon Nicolas (Vocal and Guitar), Celso Escobar (Baixo and Screams) and Nithael Pereira (Drums). The main intention is to follow a long history with this band, this does not mean to win money, but rather, to promote their feelings and ideals, to play with bands that they admire from the national underground and in the homes that have been so much to see these bands. Long life to hardcoremetalcrust. Neither hymn nor nation, we are all of the world! Contact us: Email: alakumarra@gmail.com Instagram: @alakumarra facebook.com/alakumarra Whatsapp: Nithael: +55 11 97799 0773


Release date Release name Media
2016 #2016 EP


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