AIDS Poland

AIDS - Split Personality


AIDS is a Polish band, performing quite a wide variety of music, such as goregrind, shitcore, noisecore, hivcore, disco polo and brutal technical blackened thrash metal (and also - of course - so much more than just that). It came to existance when the very first song - Lucifer - was written in January 2014. The recording of it was finished in February and the song features Greg, former StratPaul member; Jarcin, the bassist, songwriter and vocalist used to jam along and hang out with StratPaul time to time and now he is - along with Zumun, vocalist/guitarist/drummer/songwriter/producer - one of the two stable members. Many collaborations were made, including the "AIDS&Friends" project and its effect - the song Pig Symphony (Bay Of Pigs), an orchestral background with sounds of many different pig squeals over it; the band also oftenly chooses not to use such progressive and artistic sounds, but rather raw shitcore quality (like in song such as "AIDS", "Świnia Do Ruchania", "Virus Database Has Been Updated" or "Having Sex With A Deep Fried Embryo Feels Like Your Dick Is Simultaneously Melting And On Fire"). Some songs oscillate around hardcore punk/crust (e.g. "Sylwia W. To Lewak", "Rozpierdol Przeworski"); the bands has also some pretty neat covers, too (some notable examples of bands covered by AIDS include: Anal Cunt, Megadeth, Toxic Holocaust, Napalm Death, Anthrax and others). The social satire and criticism in the lyrics oftenly blends along with the music to create a smooth mousse of shitcore wall of sound and vulgar bullshit. The band is truly underground and considered one of the best bands of southern-eastern Poland, though only by its die-hard fans, and there's not much of them, because AIDS if fucking underground like fucking hell shit penis. Their gigs always gather a thrashin' audience AIDS can give you HIV, kick your ass hard with some noise and in general kill your fucking guts. You pig. The band explores a shitload of music genres, always looking for development.


Release date Release name Media
2014 First Symptoms CD, DOWNLOAD
2014 Abortion Survival School DOWNLOAD
2014 Animals DOWNLOAD


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