8 DNí VENKOVA Czech Republic

8 DNí VENKOVA - Pornopsychobordel


The band, which was formed in May of 2003, their theme chosen to maintain a balance between mužemženou difficult . Finding that sex is not foreign to us that we began our own way. Establishment Motta "Violence against women is unacceptable , Umi women bleed Samy ' portrayal of women rooted bleeding Objects We have achieved their uniqueness in the field grind. Oddanostmilování with attractive creature so rooted woman is served from a light joke


Release date Release name Media
2010 Krev má zůstat v těle za všech okolností, kromě doby menstruace a porodu CD
2007 Voda (promo) DEMO
2007 Vzniknul vší chuchvalec EP
2005 Perverzně venkovské DEMO


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