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We are delighted to have connected our longtime charity with this year headliner, the American thrash legend NUCLEAR ASSAULT!!!

We keep supporting our big favourites!!! 

This year you will have the chance to meet the members of the Prague organisation of Doctors without borders personally!!! Finally their busy programme will allow them to come to our festival and to present themselves in their promo stand and we believe they will enjoy OEF to the full as all of us!!! Do stop by for a chat in their stand and get the latest information!!!       

Another round of the charity action to support Doctors Without Borders!!! 

The number of t-shirts is limited to 200 pieces as usual and the basic price is 400,- Czech koruna, but you can donate much more. It is just up to you how much you want to contribute to the activities of this organisation !!! Doctors without Borders will be given all the money we obtain. 

Following intensive negotiations with the American party represented by a long time OEF ambassador and a big fan of our festival Danny Lillker our court graphic designer and illustrator Martin The Suffering has once again manifested his skills and within several days he prepared this great theme and an OBSCENE EXTREME logo in NUCLEAR`s font.   

NUCLEAR ASSAULT waive royalties of course and OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL will pay both the purchase of the t-shirts and their imprint.  

P.S. During the five years of this charity project we credited Doctors without Borders with 482.487,- CZK. Thank you!!!