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Money for Doctors without Borders!!! Direction Prague!!!

It was September 1st and the kids got a homework right after the return from the school to draw numbers 87.243,- a 230.259,- on a sheet of paper….

… the first number represents the amount we could hand over in the office of Doctors without Borders thanks to those who bought the charity t-shirt in 2014.

The second number is the totals we were able to gether during the three years we support this organisation.

The meeting was more than pleasant. Especially when we learned the director Pavel Gruber together with Enrique from a faraway Venezuela like proper music. Mr. Gruber even helped to organise concerts of hardcore/punk bands Robert Vlček brought to CZ like FUGAZI or NOMEANSNO. The world is small. We had a lot to speak about.

We do believe they will accept our invitation to Obscene Extreme 2015 and we will meet finally in Trutnov at the Battlefield!!!

We had a nice conversation for about an hour, made a lot of compliments, handed over our presents, got some other presents, not just in the form of inflatable baloons (especially our child`s part was very fond of).

All who supported this action deserve as big thank you from the office and us too!!!

This year all charity t-shirts were sold at OEF on the second day meaning not all who were interested were able to support this action … A good message in the end is that we are in discussion with BRUTAL TRUTH about the possibility of reprint that could be ready until end of September. When available we will put the t-shirts in Obscene e-shop!!!

Once again thanks to all!!!

Donation contract part 1

Donation contract part 2

Donation contract part 3

Again like last year you can check the lists. Maximum transparency and your trust is very important for us.

List of donors :

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

part 9

part 10

part 11

part 12

List of donors NAPALM DEATH + OEF Charity 2013 and NASUM + OEF 2012 Charity T-shirt sold thru Obscene e-shop during 2013/2014.

Pavel Obst 450 kč
Kamada Hideyuki 30.00 eur
Frank Glusing 14.58 eur
Jan Černý 350 kč
Marek Letocha 350 Kč
Radek Šesták 350 Kč
Petr Korbáš 500 Kč
Karek Havlíček 350 Kč
Kateřina Bubíková 400 Kč
Libor Kus 700 Kč
Michael Schweisfurth 14.58 eur
Marie Kováčová 350 Kč
Jiří Seitl 350 Kč
Jiří Obst 450 Kč
Hafizal Hamid 14.58 eur
Patrick Creighton 14.58 eur
Tobias Dippold 14.58 eur
Vincent Renard 14.58 eur
Tim Weingarten 14.58 eur
David Wagner 13.26 eur