Happy ride to the other side, Alex!!! Rest in Grind!!!

Another fallen grind brother... Lately, it's been insane how often we report the deaths of our friends, but with sadness in our hearts we have to tell you, that another friend has left his life, a big supporter of the extreme scene, bassist of one of the top grindcore bands, legendary Brazilian ROT, Alexandre "BUCHO" Strambio. 

The whole OEF team remembers the year 2019, when Alex played at OEF with both his bands, CRUEL FACE and the legendary ROT, whose performance was perhaps also the most intense grind performance in the entire Obscene Extreme history!!! Take a look at it with us, and remember Alex's grindcore playing style, because we really watched it with our mouths open, then. Happy ride to the other side, Alex. Rest in Grind!!!