Will we meet in the summer at the battlefield? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Many of you are wondering how it looks with the festival and whether or not it will be in July. At the moment we can't say anything at all, because we don't even know what will happen next week.

The situation in the Czech Republic is catastrophic at the moment, no plan or small light at the end of the tunnel yet exists. Our estimate is that we will most likely not be able to organize the OEF as originally planned. Nevertheless, we have several replacement plans and we really want to do a summer event. In what form and with which bands, we will deal during the spring, when we should know more. The dark age is still here, but we definitely want to see you all on the Battlefield, so we'll do something about it, together, right?
So please, take time to time a look at our website to stay in the picture.
Čurby & OEF team